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It is widely accepted that appropriate security lighting can help to reduce crime and act as an effective deterrent to burglars. Appropriate lighting will help to make your home more visible to neighbours and passers-by; thereby increasing the likelihood of discovering unwanted intruders and trespassers. However, it should also be noted that lighting does have limitations and so should be regarded as an aid to other security features in your home such as good physical security, intruder alarm etc. Furthermore, outdoor Lighting makes visitors feel safe and welcomed on arrival.

Exterior security lighting

Floodlight with motion detection (PIR)

Automatic floodlight are great at lighting your path in the darkness. Floodlights with motion detection will be off the majority of the time and are only used when required. If not installed correctly, floodlights can create conflicts with neighbours due to light pollution and be costly to run.


Bulkheads can be focused on the primary locations of entry to allow a house to be illuminated without excessive light pollution. Crimes committed at night are most often committed in areas that are dark to avoid detection. Keeping the external areas of your home well-lit will deter burglars from approaching your property.

Bollards and Garden Lights

Illuminate your driveways, walkways and garden paths with outdoor bollards or garden lights. Bollard lighting is a great way to introduce low level lighting to illuminate the surrounding area of your home.

Control options for lighting

Dusk to dawn outdoor photocell lighting

Motion activated outdoor lighting


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