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Control Options for Lighting

Security lighting guides

Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Photocell Lighting

As the title suggests, this is Lighting that’s automatically turned on at dusk and off again at dawn. This option provides continuous lighting during the night and acts as a powerful deterrent to intruders. However, it can use a lot of electricity.

It is best to use lights that are not too bright. Using strong lighting in specific areas can increase the sense of darkness elsewhere creating shadows and provide a hiding place for burglars. Downward directed, shielded lighting of medium intensity provides the best solution. Controlling the glare is also a major consideration because homeowners who can see the criminal can possibly provide authorities with descriptions and other valuable clues. Lara can advise you on how best to control your lights.

Motion Activated Outdoor Lighting

A key benefit of this home lighting option is that it saves electricity because the lights only come on when triggered. Motion activated lighting can deter burglars when they find themselves suddenly lit up, which may be all it takes to thwart the intrusion. Lights that operate in response to the burglar’s movement can give the impression that someone is at home who may be aware of their presence. Motion activated lighting also cuts down on light pollution. Place motion detectors in areas where no-one should be, such as along the side and back of the house, and make sure you are able to see them if they go o so that you know something isn’t right. The sensitivity of motion activated lighting can be set so that it is less likely to be activated unnecessarily by neighbourhood pets and other small animals.

Hi/Lo Motion Activated Outdoor Lighting

This option is possibly the most effective and energy efficient, giving the benefits of both options above. Like dusk to dawn lighting, the outdoor lighting is on continuously but at a low level. Motion detectors then amplify the light when movement is detected. Whichever option you choose, it is important to set lights and sensors high up where they are out of reach and tamper proof. The right outdoor home lighting can meet many of your security needs but don’t rely on lighting alone. It is still important to be vigilant and to consider other security measures like locks and alarms.

Interlinked Lighting

If you also have a CCTV system in place, you must ensure that your lighting system is compatible with your cameras. Site testing, in different light levels, should be carried out to ensure that this is so.

It is also possible to link up lighting to intruder alarm activation internally and externally. Therefore when the intruder alarm is activated internal hall lights or external floodlights can be activated. This is dependent on certain wiring arrangements within the home. Lara can advise you on how best to automate your external or internal lighting should your alarm activate.