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Intruder Alarm Maintenance

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After Sales Support

Your preventative maintenance contract:

  • Entitles you to a routine service call annually by our alarm engineer to check your entire system is fully operational.
  • Supplies you with unlimited access to our 24 hour on-call emergency service in the event of a fault or system failure.
  • Gives you an opportunity to avail of reduced hourly rates for additional works if required.

Should I choose one or two visits?

One visit

Recommended if you have a new system


incl. VAT @ 13.5%

Two visits

Recommended if your alarm system is 5 years or older


incl. VAT @ 13.5%


Significantly cheaper than an emergency call out in the event of a fault on the system.

Immediate call and follow up call

You may avail of one call immediately and have a 2nd follow up call in 6 month time.

Suitable for new systems

The newer the system the less likely it is that faults will exist, hence one visit may be more suitable.

Suitable for older and wireless systems

Older systems are more prone to failure. Regular checks are ideal for keeping the system running at full capacity.

24h service

Access to 24 hour service.

24h service

Access to 24 hour service.

Request a call
Request a call

Discounted Insurance Costs

In order for your alarm to meet NSAI standards a Preventative Maintenance is required. This can be a stipulation for a lot of Insurance companies in order to offer discounts on Insurance Policies if you wish to avail of them.

Included with each visit:

Check system log for faults.

Check all internal and external audible warning devices are operational.

Correct date and time if not accurate.

Check remote signalling equipment and ensure connectivity to monitoring station if applicable.

Clear any fault messages if present.

Update software on system. Allows customer to benefit from newer features not available at the time of installation.

Check the Burglar Alarm system and that all equipment and devices are functioning correctly.

Inform end user of any faults or concerns there may be with the system.

Check operation of all devices by performing an Engineers Walk test on the system to ensure all detection devices activate the alarm and are within the correct parameters.

Check both mains and standby power supplies. Includes full load test on battery to ensure it will last a minimum of 12 hours as required.

Provide a copy of the engineer’s report.

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