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The mere presence of a PROTECT™ Fog Cannon and related signage results in notable decreases in theft incidents.

Finally, a solution to prevent intruders from escaping with your valuables after breaking in! Fog Security Systems are a revolutionary innovation in the protection of domestic & commercial properties. Once an intruder has been detected and verified a Fog Cannon is activated. A harmless, dense fog is then released, removing the intruder’s vision in a matter of seconds. Intruders are left with no choice other than to flee empty-handed.

Fog Security In Action

How does the Protect™ Fog Cannon work?

Home / Business Alarm Triggered

Upon entry into the premises any perpetrator will trigger the primary detection, typically an alarm system. The alarm system is connected to the Protect™ FOG Cannon either wired or by a wireless connection to receive the first signal that an intrusion is taking place.

PROTECT Fog Security offers a proactive and robust security solution by providing a strong deterrent, impeding an intruder’s progress, protecting valuable assets, and enhancing personal safety. It is an effective addition to any comprehensive security strategy.

  • Immediate and Effective Response: When an intrusion is detected, PROTECT Fog Security systems activate within seconds, filling the protected area with a dense, non-toxic fog. This immediate response disorients intruders, obscures visibility, and creates a physical barrier, making it extremely difficult for them to proceed with their activities.
  • Protects Valuables: PROTECT Fog Security systems are particularly effective in safeguarding high-value assets, such as cash, jewellery, electronics, or other valuable items. The thick fog hinders visibility and makes it challenging for intruders to locate and access these items. By the time the fog dissipates, security personnel or law enforcement may have arrived to apprehend the intruders.
  • Enhances Personal Safety: In scenarios where personal safety is at risk, such as during home invasions, PROTECT Fog Security can provide vital protection. The fog creates a barrier between potential victims and perpetrators, offering precious time for individuals to seek shelter, escape, or wait for help.
  • Minimises Losses and Damages: By effectively preventing or delaying criminal activities, PROTECT Fog Security reduces the potential losses and damages that can occur during a security breach. The rapid response time of the fog system can minimize the time available for intruders to cause harm or steal valuable assets.
  • Versatile Applications: PROTECT Fog Security systems can be utilized in various settings, including residential properties, retail stores, warehouses, banks, museums, and other locations where security is critical. The systems are adaptable to different environments and can be tailored to meet specific security requirements.

Fog security system devices

PROTECT 1100i™

Discharges 1300 m3 in 60 sec Flexible adjustment between 500 & 1300 m3 Compatible with any alarm 4 discharges per container Pulse function for 4 min Coulours available: Black & White

PROTECT 2200i™

Discharges 2700 m3 in 60 sec Flexible adjustment to match the room size 5 discharges per container 10 minute pilse function Colours available: White & black Coulours available: Black & White


Discharges 700 m3 in 60 sec Turbo function to discharge 600 m3 in 30 sec 7 discharges per container Pulse function for up to 9 min Anti-sabotage, impact resistant case 5 year warranty

PROTECT Qumulus®

Discharges 400 m3 in 16 sec 4 discharges shots per container Flexible adjustment to suit room installation Compatible with any alarm system 5 year warranty Coulours available: Black & White

PROTECT Xtratus®

Discharges 250 m3 in 16 sec 2 shots per canister Compatible with any alarm system 100% silent in standby Pulse function for 4 min Coulours available: Black & White

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