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Temporary Electrical Installations

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Temporary Electrical Services

Lara can provide for all Temporary Electrical requirements from initial design and costings to installation and maintenance of a complete systems, including provision for:

  • Consultation and Design services at Tender Stage, through consultation with the client determining future site requirements and determining potential Electrical loadings to determine future Power Requirements and potential costs. A poor design can result is unforeseen and unbudgeted costs, and hinder safety on site.
  • Electrical Power supplied safely throughout the site from a Temporary ESB Supply/Generator Supply to Main Temporary Site Distribution Board(s), to Site Transformers strategically located throughout the site to allow easy access to power for all Contractors.
  • Temporary Electrical Supplies to Site services including:
    • Temporary Supplies to Site Offices
    • Temporary Supplies to Welfare Facilities
    • Temporary Supplies to Silo’s
    • Temporary Supplies to Tower Cranes
    • Temporary Supplies to Ingress and Access control to site.
  • Battery charging stations for portable tools.
  • Design and installation of Temporary Site Lighting and Emergency Lighting installations as per clients’ requirements, identifying primary routes and high-risk areas for required illumination. Lara can also allow for the provision of escape route emergency lighting design and installation to primary routes such as gangways, scaffold access towers and turnstiles.
  • Flood lighting including site, crane mast and jib lighting if required.
  • Temporary Fire Alarms, First Aid Call Points, Evacuation Alarms as required.
  • Mobile fire extinguisher and emergency trolleys that may be moved from zone to zone as the project develops. These may also be fitted with first aid boxes, fire alarm call points and medical assistance call points.
  • Access control and CCTV can be provided to primary egress routes including turnstiles, site offices and compound including the facility to monitor remotely.
  • Data cabling for IT Wiring infrastructure requirements on site.
  • Maintenance Contracts available for scheduled Testing and Asset Management, to regularly inspect Distribution boards, Site Transformers, Lighting and Fire Alarms to ensure a fully maintained system and a Safe Working environment.

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