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Emergency Lighting Maintenance

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Regulatory Requirements

Emergency Lighting systems are required by law (statutory requirement) to have a preventive maintenance contract in place. It is the responsibility of the owner/occupier/management of the building to ensure that the emergency lighting system is maintained in accordance with the standards. The current Irish Emergency Lighting standard (I.S.3218:2023) requires that a simulated mains power failure be carried out on the building, four times a year, every three months. The four visits shall incorporate

  • 3 quarterly visits, with a mains power failure simulated for 30 minutes
  • 1 annual visit, with a mains power failure simulated for three hour

An engineer will walk the development and visually determine that all emergency luminaires and lamps are operational and illuminating for the duration of the test.

Following the termination of all simulated power failure tests, check that all emergency luminaires are still operational and illuminating correctly, and that the green LED status indicators are showing a healthy condition.

Lara’s Maintenance Service

Lara has been maintaining Emergency Lighting systems since 1986 and has a full professional dedicated Servicing and Maintenance team. Lara currently provides its professional Servicing and Maintenance to many of Dublin’s largest Property Maintenance Companies and a diverse range of commercial developments.

We are a highly experienced professional company in respect of the maintaining of all Emergency Lighting Systems. Lara has a dedicated Service Team whose job it is to solely look after all Emergency Lighting systems under our care. Should you wish to consider Lara to offer a competitive maintenance contract, we would be happy to call to you to survey or audit all aspects of your system and to provide you with a professional competitive quotation or professional assessment as to the condition of your current system.

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