Our systems include the following as standard;

(Note: Online Pricing is for new installations only)

1 x HKC Control Panel with back-up power supply

1 x HKC Remote Keypad

1 x Fused isolation point for Control Panel

1 x HKC External Bell Box (including 15min cut off and back-up power supply)

1 x HKC Echo – Internal Sounder (110 dB)

1 x PIR – Internal Motion Sensor

1 x Magnetic Contact for the Front Door

Pricing starts at €415 before you add any additional Devices

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Further Options

Add Monitoring Options

Note: Monitoring through an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is done through a third party. The cost to set up with G4S would be €196.80 annually. However you can set up a connection with any ARC of your choosing.