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Disabled Refuge Systems & Disabled Toilet Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems guides

Disabled Refuge Systems

Disabled refuge systems are essentially a professional intercom system that allows a disabled person to raise awareness to the Fire Brigade service, typically at the main Entrance Lobby of the Building, that they are located on a particular stairwell landing awaiting rescue.

These systems are generally installed on each landing that has a dedicated refuge location, for a disabled person to hold up until they are rescued. This is important as the Fire Alarm will ordinarily disable the lifts preventing a wheelchair user from escape. These systems are becoming more common place and Lara has been installing such systems since 2008 and provides a full maintenance arrangement to existing systems.

Disabled Toilet Alarms

Disabled toilet alarms are a very simple means of raising the attention of either Reception personnel or a Security office, should a disabled person using the facilities find themselves in difficulty and require assistance.

These systems are intended to raise a local alarm by way of a buzzer and a flashing light over the door of the disabled toilet, while at the same time a local buzzer will activate in Reception or Security. The system is a standalone system and is simply activated by either a pull chord or a press button in the toilet. The system can be simply “reset” i.e. silenced by pressing a button either in Reception or Security or at the toilet itself. If there are more than one disabled toilet, Lara can advise you of a system that incorporates all the alarms in one panel.