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Audible-only System Versus Remotely Monitored 

Intruder Alarm guides

Within each category of alarm (wired or wireless) there are two further types of system:

  • Audible-only system
  • Remotely monitored system

An audible-only alarm operates by sounding a siren or bell when the alarm is activated, and relies on the noise the alarm makes to deter burglars and alert owners to the fact that a robbery is being attempted. 

Remotely monitored systems can be audible or silent, but are connected to the outside world via a phone line. This is predominantly achieved through a GSM unit (using a GPRS mobile network) or landline. They send a signal to an alarm receiving centre (ARC) which informs you or a nominated keyholder(s) and/or the Gardaí (once verified – activation of at least two devices) that the alarm has been activated.