Fog Security System

“You can’t steal what you can’t see!”

Finally, a solution to prevent intruders from escaping with your valuables after breaking in. Fog Security Systems are a revolutionary innovation in the protection of domestic & commercial properties.

Fog Security works on the premise that once having been detected & verified that an Intruder is in your home or on your premises, a Fog Cannon will be activated. Once discharged, a harmless, dense fog will be released to deter any intruder. Removing the intruder’s vision in a matter of seconds. The intruder is left with no choice other than to flee empty-handed!

The strength of the product is underpinned by the fact that the mere presence of a How Does the PROTECT™ Fog Cannon Work? & related signage results in notable decreases in theft incidents.

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  • Home / Business Alarm Triggered

    Upon entry into the premises any perpetrator will trigger the primary detection, typically an alarm system. The alarm system is connected to the Protect™ FOG Cannon either wired or by a wireless connection to receive the first signal that an intrusion is taking place.

  • Verification Process

    At this point, the Fog Cannon will seek to receive a verification signal from an independent detector connected directly to the Protect™ Fog Cannon, like a movement beam (e.g. PRI – Passive Infrared) to validate the presence of an intruder.

  • PROTECT™ Fog Cannon Discharge

    The Protect™ FOG Cannon will be triggered automatically and discharging Fog rapidly into the protected space. The intruder(s) view will be completely obscured in seconds.

  • Re-Activation / Pulsing

    However, if after discharge additional movement is detected by the Protect™ FOG canon associated secondary movement detector (PIR), the cannon will continue to discharge additional FOG to ensure the premises remains secure.


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