About Fever Screening Cameras

Now more than ever, it is crucial to be able to identify individuals with an elevated temperature quickly and efficiently!

Our completely contactless solution can identify individuals showing symptoms of fever in seconds, empowering businesses to deal with the impact and fallout of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic.

Our fever screening (using HikVision’s Industry Leading Solution) system allows you to detect people with an elevated body temperature instantly to take measures to protect staff & customers. Suitable for use in building common areas, such as offices, factories, schools, airports, hospitals, and more.

What Is Fever Screening & How Does It Work

  • Staff / Customer Enters via Defined Lanes

    All individuals who enter the premises will be channeled through a pre-defined lane in order to manage volume & ensure everyone is analysed accurately by the Fever Screening camera.

  • Individual Passes by Fever Screening Camera

    As customers/staff continue through the defined lane, the Thermal Imaging camera will analyse each and everyone’s body temperature.

  • Body Temperature Recorded & Abnormal Readings Trigger Notification

    At this point, individuals with a regular body temperature will proceed as normal. For those who are analysed with an elevated body temperature / potential fever, a notification/alarm will be triggered as per the desired set-up or process.

  • Secondary Check with Mercury / Ear Thermometer

    Those who have indicated the presence of an elevated body temperature will then require secondary validation through a mercury/ear thermometer. This secondary validation will provide a more thorough analysis, allowing you to make a more educated decision.

Quick, Safe & Contactless detection of potential fevers will be crucial to allowing busineses return to some state of normality!

An elevated temperature or fever is an indicator of potential infection or the presence of a virus. By providing businesses with the ability to detect individuals who may have Coronavirus (COVID-19) in an automated & completely contactless manner, will ensure that business owners can conduct their business in as safe an approach as possible. 

The ability to protect the safety of staff and customers will be crucial to supporting the return to business. Our HikVision Fever Screening services will allow you to put your best foot forward as we navigate our way out of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

Benefits Of Our Fever Screening System

  • Temperature Scanning

    The camera will record the body temperature of each & every individual who passes by.

  • Multi-Detection

    The camera is capable of detecting up to 30 faces at one time, provided there is no overlap in shot.

  • Facial Detection

    In-built AI detects faces in order to avoid false triggering of the alarm (E.g. person passing with coffee)

  • Automation

    Fully automated, which protects your staff by taking them away from risk areas.

  • Social Distancing

    Fever Screening protects your staff & customers by ensuring there is no need to break Social Distancing measures.

  • HikVision Quality Assured

    Underpinned by HikVision’s best in class Fever Screening solutions

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Below are some of our pre-defined Fever Screening solutions. Bespoke installations are also possible. Get in touch to learn more


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